The classic Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y)
Yardage Booklet. Record a full
18 holes of layouts, yardages,  
hazards and strategy notes. 
Also map out greens with
complete slope information.


The D-I-Y Yardage Book

Makes A Great Golf GPS
or Rangefinder Companion Booklet

DIY Golf Yardage BookThe Do-It-Yourself
Yardage And Strategy Book
For The Competitive Golfer

"It's like have a tour caddy in your pocket"
Joe Davidson - Danbury, CT

Use it as a great standalone yardage booklet or use it with a GPS or Rangefinder as a full fledged strategy and tactics booklet. Use it in conjunction with a GPS unit to map your strategy and tactics (landing positions, angles to the green, hidden dangers, slope map of the green, clubs you hit last time, etc.). Plan your round before you get to the course.

Before you get to the course use it to plan your round and review your strategy. It's much easier to go over your plan with your coach (or just by yourself) using the Yardage-Marker booklet because it has so much more complete information in it than using a GPS or the course's yardage book.

GPS'S and Rangefinders are great for the yardages but they really fall down in the "personal" area such are recording strategies. Using the Yardage-Marker it's easy to remember the best aiming points, best landing positions, hidden troubles, and a complete diagram of the slope of the green and when you should try to leave your ball. You can also record what club you hit last time from a particular spot. I have a SkyCaddie GPS but it can't remember all this info especially at courses I haven't played in a while. BTW, the Yardage-Marker will never run out of batteries on the course so it's a great back-up system.

Whether you're a high handicapper playing in a club event or a touring professional we guarantee the Yardage-Marker™ will make you a better player and save you strokes.

Now you can easily make your own highly accurate yardage book for each course you play competitively. The Yardage-Marker™ booklet has been used on all the major tours (and most of the minor tours) since 1991. The reason it's used by tour players is simple. It works! It helps them play better.

It's simple layout has proven to be very quick and easy to use. With the Yardage-Marker's lightly visible grid lines, you don't have to be an artist or an engineer to draw accurate representations of all the holes on a golf course. Anyone can easily sketch in a hole and get the yardages right on the first attempt.

Each hole has a place to easily sketch out all the bunkers, hazards, landing areas, targets and more. Now you'll know at a glance what the yardage is from that tree near your ball. You can accurately sketch in the exact yardages for par 3's, par 4's or par 5's.

You can accurately diagram the shape and the slope of each green. This really helps keep you on the "right side of the pin." There is also a section for strategy, aiming points, etc on each hole.

Even if your home course has a yardage book you'll find the Yardage-Marker much more
 you can accurately diagram par three's, par four's and par five's.

The benefits of using the Yardage-Marker:

  • Record your personalized info for aiming points, landing areas, clubs to hit and slope of each green. 
  • Increased Confidence 
  • Knowing the exact yardage increases your confidence. 
  • Using the Yardage-Marker helps you focus on scoring well. 
  • Using the Yardage-Marker "makes you" plan your next shot instead of just hitting it. 
  • Using the Yardage-Marker enables you to play faster. No more pacing off distances to the sprinkler head. 
  • Using the Yardage-Marker makes your opponent think you have a "secret weapon." (You do.) 
  • Using the Yardage-Marker will also help your partner. 

It's a lot more than a yardage book. Most of all it's a strategy book

  • Great with juniors 
  • Encourage disciplined play 
  • Great for HS and College teams. 
  • Teaching course strategy 

Copying a teammate's yardage book is almost as good playing the course yourself

Record Your Distances For Each Club
Each booklet has a page to record your distances for every club in your back. Click here to see a picture

Great For 100 Yards and In Too!
Most courses don't have yardage markings inside 100 yards. Now with the Yardage-Marker you can record all the "short" yardages to unmarked sprinkler heads, bushes, depressions or whatever. Having these short game yardages can enable pinpoint wedge shots and improved scoring. Knowing these "short yardages" also help you get to just the right lay-up yardage and will definitely save you time instead of having to pace things off from the 100 yard marker.

The Yardage-Marker is sized to slip easily into your back pocket (4 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall). It's heavy duty construction will withstand years of use.

It has a chart so you can fill in the exact yardage you hit each club. Yeah you may think you know how far you hit each club but until you've actually charted it out you really don't know for sure. You'll probably be amazed at some gaps you have between clubs when you actually see it in black and white.



The Yardage-Marker is sized to slip easily into you back pocket. It's heavy duty construction will withstand years of use.




You can accurately sketch in the exact yardages for par 3's, par 4's or par 5's.

(This is a sample page that has
been filled in as an example.)

  Diagram green and slope 


To the left is how a blank page would appear when the book is flipped open. Both the top and the bottom pages are used for the same hole. The yardage info, a diagram of the green and information on the strategy for the hole goes on the top page.


A sample page is sketched in on the right.







The Yardage-Marker has sample pages to show you how to fill out each page.

Sketch hole on blank format



The bottom page is where you sketch out the hole. The faint grid lines make it easy to locate bunkers and landmarks at the correct yardage.





On the left is a blank hole diagram section. On the right is a sample of a filled out page.



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