The classic Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y)
Yardage Booklet. Record a full
18 holes of layouts, yardages,  
hazards and strategy notes. 
Also map out greens with
complete slope information.


 Using The Yardage Marker Booklet 
with GPS and Rangefinder Systems

Electronic yardage GPS systems (Golf GPS's) and Rangefinders are a lot of fun and they do mean you don't have to run around looking for markers in the fairway. For that average golfer that is okay.

However the competitive golfer needs more information.  Many competitive golfers now use electronic yardage GPS devices or Rangefinders to help them chart the yardage which they then put in the Yardage-Marker booklet.

Here how the Yardage-Marker Helps the Golf GPS and Rangefinder devices.
1. The Yardage-Marker gives the information you really need on strategy. You can record aiming points, landing areas, trouble spots and the slope of each green.
2. The Yardage-Marker records your previous experience on the hole including your favorite target areas. You can write down what club you hit from a particular spot.
3. The Yardage-Marker records the distances to your favorite landing spots and layup spots. Even the best Golf GPS's don't know your favorite targets on each hole.
4. The Yardage-Marker gives complete slope information so you know where to play to and what to expect on green. This is just what you need to make sure you don't wind up above the hole.

Have the Yardage-Marker give you exactly the information you really need on strategy, previous experience for each hole, distances to favorite landing areas and complete slope information about the greens. It's like having a tour caddy in your pocket.